Pei-Jen Tsai is one of a few Feldenkrais practitioners currently living in Taiwan. Like many others, Pei-Jen encountered the Feldenkrais Method because of a chronic injury. Through the practice of Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration lessons, she received outstanding performance award from BBC Talents 2000, performed as a member of National Youth Dance Company, graduated from LABAN with 1st class honour degree in dance theatre, and received the principal award for outstanding achievement in performance. She represented Taiwan in DanceWEB scholarship programme during ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna, and later performed with companies and directors such as Compagnie Ariadone,, dum association of artists, Sioned Huws, Lisa Torun, Marie Gabrielle Rotie, and U Theatre of Taiwan.

Pei-Jen completed Amsterdam International Feldenkrais Teachers' Training and as a fully certified practitioner, she currently teaches workshops, classes and individual sessions across Taiwan. Tailored Feldenkrais programmes are also available for private groups interested in working with specific themes of interest, for further information or interested in learning more about Feldenkrais, please contact me.